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Travel is a passion for a few, and work for a lot of people, whatever may be the cause it is an inevitable part of our lives now. A lot of us face problems while traveling and one of them is sticking to your diet or healthy eating habits.

So I thought maybe I could take a peek into the matter and these are the few solutions I came up with which don’t sound that difficult and impossible –

  • One could carry fresh fruits, salads, salad dressings, roasted snacks, sandwiches(whole bread), veg rolls etc
  • Energy bars, nuts, raisins etc if you know food could be a problem for long hours.
  • Skip the drive through’s and dhabas and go to a restaurant – menu available so more options of light food.
  • Avoid the excess ghee and oily food as make you lethargic and sleepy which could be a concern if you are driving
  • Avoid excessive carbohydrate and sugar products for the same reason
  • Don’t miss the vegetable and fruits vendors when you cross one as gives you a fresh healthy option to dig into (cucumber, radish, carrot, all fruits – don’t forget your travel knife).
  • Look for a grocery store, as these days many healthy snacks and ready to eat foods available here.
  • In restaurants look for the baked, grilled and completely skip the cream sauces, au gratin, batter dip, oil and buttered portion.
  • Resist your temptation to have the samosas, kachauri, jalebi, tikki, aalo chaat etc, the amount of transfatty acids you put in your body is beyond repair.
  • Choose sandwiches, salads, roasted and grilled options instead.
  • SKIP THE FRIES which accompany almost every burger, sandwich etc nothing but starch, oil and calories ask for a salad serving instead.
  • Order salads and soups, as they fill your stomach with healthier choices.
  • Liquids in Order of preference– water/fresh juice, lemonade, ginger ale etc, canned juice, sweetened juices. Aerated drinks simply should not be an option.
  • Do not consume alcohol if driving, puts yours and others lives at risk
  • Do not order side dishes and more than required, so as to avoid overeating.
  • Skip the buffet and order a-la-carte (reduces your portion size).
  • SHARING IS CARING, so invite a partner for your meal and do not order extra. 😉 (My personal way).

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