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Breakfast – first meal of the day that we generally skip is really the most important one. But do we really give it its importance ??. We are so busy in our fast paced life-style that  we don’t realize the benefits of the breakfast. So here are some very basic facts about the essential meal that all of should know and would definitely help you give your day a kick start…

·           Breakfast eaters are able to lose weight faster than others, as eating regularly each morning boosts your body’s metabolism.

·           A regular meal every morning ensures that you will not binge at lunch — your stomach will already be half full.

·           As compared to those who skip a morning meal, breakfast eaters are more alert and work more efficiently — their brains receive the required nutritional energy at the start of each day.

·           Children who eat a good breakfast each morning are known to perform better at school and are less hyperactive.

  •  While fruit juice is considered an essential part of a good breakfast, eating a whole fruit is a better idea — it will provide you with less calories and more fibre, which may be lost in the juice.
  • Statistics  show that the maximum number of heart attacks occur in the morning, sometime before noon. This is because blood clotting cells in the morning are stickier before breakfast, and the longer you go without breakfast, the higher your chances of having a heart attack. In fact, a study performed by Belloc & Breslow show that people who eat a wholesome breakfast have less than half the risk of early death.             

  • Regular breakfast helps build immunity of the body.

·         It also reduces fatigue and gives you renewed energy – which is badly needed by children, to help them cope with school, homework and play, and by parents, to help them handle their busy lifestyle.

Keep your breakfast simple but don’t skip it all together. Have cornflakes, wheat flakes, oats or porridge. You could even have a couple of   diet khakhras, murmura and chana. [cs2] These will serve as your cereal. Get your protein from a glass of fat free milk, a boiled egg or even a cup of moong sprouts.Last but not the least, have a bowl of fresh fruit or a fruit juice (not canned or packaged ones) for that much needed fibre.




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