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Colourize Your Diet


The daily dose of colour in your diet comes from the vast spectrum of health promoting fruits and vegetables. They make your diet naturally low in fats, high in filling fibre and loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that help against all chronic degenerative diseases.

Lets talk about the “Pigment Power “ of the natural colouring agents which is as follows:

Red – includes tomatoes and watermelon which are rich in lycopene pigment that protects against the prostrate cancer as well as heart and lung diseases.

Red/ purple– includes the blue grapes , strawberries, beets ,red cabbage, plums and red apples. These delay cellular ageing and protects from blood clots.

Orangecarrots , mangoes and sweet potatoes protects the skin from the sun and promotes repair of DNA damage.

Orange/Yelloworanges,peaches and papaya help prevent heart diseases and also improve our immunity system.

Yellow/GreenSpinach,corn,green peas and avocado are sources of protective pigments again.these are strongly to reduced risk of cataracts and age related macular degeneratrion.

GreenBroccoli, sprouts, bathua and cabbage.These are rich in cancer blocking chemicals .

White/Green-garlic,onions,leeks,celery,pears,guava and green grapes. These protect against tumor.

The best way to eat colour is by including fruits and vegetables in your everyday diet.

If you start your day with cereal and milk then make it a point to nourish it by including a whole fruit. Seasonal fruits are preferred .Have plenty of salad during lunch and dinner. Vegetable rich Snacks like vegetable sandwich, vegetable Idli, vegetable cheelas etc during snack time gives a nutrition boost to the exhausted body. Adding a variety of colours in your diet makes you feel rejuvenated and definitely healthier!!


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